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Picture Restoration Studio
Conservation and preservation of oil paintings


Picture Restoration Studio was established in San Francisco in 1982. Throughout the years of its operation, we have served galleries, antique dealers, public and private institutions in California, Nevada, Alaska, Florida, Washington State, and Virginia.

PRStudio specializes in conservation, preservation and restoration of oil paintings, icons and murals. As an additional service, we provide a full range of curatorial services, including collection management, disaster recovery and damage assessment, inventory, condition and conservation treatment evaluations.

We do not do conservation of paper, fabrics, ceramics, conservation of objects or furniture.

We do not subcontract or accept students as assistants or as apprentices.

We do not provide appraisals to avoid conflict of interest with conservation services.

A significant number of fine and valuable pictures went through a successful conservation and restoration treatment at our Studio, from the Italian Renaissance painters and the Russian icons, through the Dutch masters and the 19th century European and American painters (including the impressionists). We document all treated works. The documentation is available; however, in most cases, upon the release by the owners.

We proudly bring attention to the fact that some of the paintings we worked on are in the collections of major museums. “Loth and His Daughters” by Hendrick Goltzius, dated 1610, is on a permanent exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Also in Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum recently added “Golgotha” by Leon Gerome to their permanent collection, while “Villas a Trouville” by Gustav Caillebote was exhibited in 1996 at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Additionally, the Studio provides curatorial services, including collections management. Most recently, we have been involved in conservation and curatorship of Brian P. Burns’s Irish Collection, exhibited in 1996 at the Boston College Museum of Art, the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery in Dublin, Ireland, and at the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven, CT in 1998. The Collection was selected for exposition at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. as part of the Art from Ireland Festival in May 2000 and exhibited in March 2007 at the Phoenix, AZ Art Museum.

The Studio has also experience, as a subcontractor, in preservation of historic buildings. In this capacity, PRS  participated in retrofitting and seismic upgrading of the U.S. Custom House (555 Battery Street in San Francisco). The project (supervised and funded by the GSA) required a close cooperation with the general contractor - Morse Diesel Int. and several other subcontractors. The U.S. Custom House project involved providing detailed documentation, assessment of condition and extensive conservation work on two murals by Lincoln Cooper, “San Francisco Port” and “Panama Canal”, 8’ x 30’ each.

Our success has been well founded on our extensive art conservation studies in Europe, as well as the integrity and quality of services we provide.

PRStudio follows Conservator’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice formulated by the International Institute for Conservation in London and the American Institute for Conservation in Washington D.C.




American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works: